This project explores the meaning of social justice in an age of datafication, this is, the massive collection and processing of massive amount of data across social life. Social and political implications of datafication go beyond individual privacy, since data processes are not ‘flat’ and do not implicate everyone in the same way, but, rather, are part of a system of ‘social sorting’, creating new categories of citizens, and premised on an emerging order of ‘have’ and ‘have nots’ between data profilers and data subjects. In such a context, questions of social justice and datafication require detailed study.

How to data justiceWe frame the research agenda around the notion of ‘data justice’. It will provide a European framework of study and take a holistic approach by situating research on data processes in the context of the concrete experiences and practices of particular communities; b) technological analyses of data sources, algorithmic process and data output; c) policy frameworks that relate to the interplay between digital rights and social and economic rights; and d) conceptual engagement with new social stratifications emerging with datafication.

Research team: Lina Dencik (PI), Fieke Jansen, Philippa Metcalfe, Javier Sánchez-Monedero and 1 post-doc yet to be announced.

For inquiries about the project contact Lina Dencik (DencikL[at]